Successful Projects

Having worked for some of the best organisations in the world, where individual projects run into millions of pounds and the consequences of getting it wrong are severe, we have a wealth of experience to ensure your project will be in safe hands.

Saipem FDS 2

This J-Lay system was designed and manufactured in the North East of England.

Saipem J-Lay Tower TransportOver 2000 tonnes, this system manipulates large steel pipes, up to 48m long, supports the catenary load of the oil pipe whilst being welded on, then lowers it ready for the next section of pipe to be added on … in a few minutes. 

Loading Arm pivots to deck

The loading arm can pick up a 48m pipe from deck and load it into the tower at multiple angles.

Passive Tensioning Monitoring SystemThis passive tension monitoring system ensures consistent product tension.

Probably the fatest Reel Lay system in the world.

This Reel-Lay system was designed and manufactured in the North East of England.

Medium Wheel LoaderWorked on some of the finest examples of mobile construction equipment.

Using Telehandlers to get into the difficult placesEasy access if you have designed the right equipment.

Laying an export cable is not that easy.A lot of effort and equipment to lay export cables for Offshore Wind Farms & Interconnectors.

Not many people realise the work needed to get this far.Most people think you can run a cable straight up from the seabed, it is not that easy.

Tough going

HMS Queen Elizabeth CVF

Astute Submarine

These projects took a long time to deliver, with a lot of combined effort, with the world’s best engineers.
It was worth it.